Variable Speed Drives saves energy

One of the main reasons why variable speed drives save energy is because they can change the speed of an electrical motor by controlling the power that is fed into the machine. Any electrical item requires a certain amount of power to be able to operate.

A variable speed drive is a piece of equipment that regulates the speed and rotational force, or torque output, of an electric motor. There are many motors in use in industry and offices around Australia; in fact, more than 65 percent of industrial electrical energy is consumed by motors.


Commercial Energy Solutions’ drives have a feature called ‘energy optimising’, this senses when the motor is not at full load and adjusts the voltage and amperage to what is required instead of what the motor is trying to use. This feature alone can save 30% on your business’ energy bills straight out of the box.

Commercial Energy Solutions offers Variable Speed Drives that have high performance, excellent usability and flexible to meet the needs of your application.


  • A safe torque off function to allow simple integration into machine critical safety circuits.
  • Simple machine design reduces component costs, saves panel space and minimises installation time.
  • Faster shut down and reset procedures reduce system maintenance time.
  • Better safety standard compared to mechanical solution.
  • Better motor connection.
  • Single cable with no interruption.
Our Variable Speed Drives offer the perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use to allow even the most demanding applications to be tackled easily. Designed for fast installation and commissioning, Optidrive provides the most cost-effective solution for industry.

How do Variable Speed Drives reduce speed?

Affinity laws state: A 10% reduction in speed of an electric motor equates to a 30% energy saving. In the case of a standard centrifugal pump – 10% reduction in speed equals:
  • 10% reduction in flow (because flow is linear)
  • 20% reduction in pressure (because pressure is squared)
  • 30% reduction in power (because power is cubed)
Commercial Energy Solutions sells and installs quality Variable Speed Drives. Contact us now on (08) 8234 5101 or complete our online contact form to arrange a FREE No-Obligation Level 1 Energy Audit.