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Commercial Energy Solutions makes Energy Efficiency easier for your business. We offer flexible financing solutions through FinRent.

This makes going energy efficient much more affordable by making it cash flow positive from the start, and all of our leased systems are fully maintained and serviced by us during the finance period.

Go solar today with convenient and affordable monthly payments!

We arrange finance for all manner of Solar Energy Equipment for our clients, ranging from large private companies to Small Medium Businesses. Many clients are looking for a simple way to obtain Solar Energy for their business and we make it as easy as possible.

FinRent really is the easiest way to finance Solar Energy for your business!

Operating Lease

Fund your Solar Energy Equipment needs with a lease solution that offers flexibility and evens out your cash flow with regular payments over the life of the agreement.

An operating lease is usually structured for between two and five years.

There is no residual to be paid at the end of the lease. Instead, you have a number of options with the equipment at the end of the term, and we look forward to discussion them with you.

Key Benefits of Solar Rental

An operating lease or rental is appropriate when you want:

  • tax deductible solution;
  • To use Operating Expense rather than Capital Expense – off balance sheet;
  • To avoid productivity issues relating to old technology;
  • To smooth cash flow with set payments over the term;
  • Pay as you use – not an up-front expense;
  • Operational flexibility;
  • To incorporate servicing costs;
  • 100% funding;
  • Free up capital that should be used for projects to grow your business;
  • Simple accounting recording/expense item on the Profit and Loss statement;
  • No fees;
  • Access to a non-traditional funding channel.

Utilising our finance solution allows commercial clients to acquire the equipment now and pay as they use with minimum impact on their business.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation for a financed solar system for your business on (08) 8234 5101 or email enquiries@commercialenergysolutions.com.au

commercial worker

You have worked hard to launch your business and now that those first couple of years are behind you, it is time to think about improving your profitability by upgrading your equipment.

If you are like most small business owners, you may wish to fund your purchase with a loan or lease, rather than draw on your cash reserves.

Financing Solar Energy in your business can be a smart option – particularly if you want to manage your cash flow to meet your day-to-day overheads and expenses.

Often sourcing the right facility for your business can be time consuming and complex. Commercial Energy Solutions understands that small business owners need to spend their time running and growing their companies. That is why we simplify finance to make it easy.