Soft Starter

Soft starter reduce inrush current from electrical mortor

Any electrical motor will draw between 6 and 9 times its running current on start up. Power supply companies call this ‘peak demand’ which is charged at massive rates – up to ten times standard usage charges!

Soft starters reduce this inrush or peak current by allowing only minimal current to pass, slowly allowing more and more through until the maximum speed is obtained. Typically, a soft starter will reduce start up current to between 3 and 6 times the running current.


Commercial Energy Solutions offers Soft Starters that have high performance and excellent usability – extending the life of your equipment.


By reducing how hard your equipment works it will have the benefit of increasing its life. A soft starter will ensure you have a positive Return on Investment with your purchase, and in some commercial applications you may also receive the benefit of reducing your peak load demand, therefore reducing the price you pay for your electricity. This reduction could also give some companies a reduction in the Carbon Tax charged by the Government.

Our Soft Starters offer the perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use to allow even the most demanding applications to be tackled easily. Designed for fast installation and commissioning, we provide the most cost-effective solution for industry use.


Features and benefits of fitting Soft Starter to a fridge, freezer, cooler or air conditioner:

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