Looking for an off grid solar power system? Commercial Energy Solutions can design and install a high quality system that frees you from the electricity grid and lets you enjoy clean, reliable power for many years to come.

Stand alone solar power solutions, or Off Grid systems, are for those who are not able to or not willing to be connected to the main electricity grid. In some cases, this might include rural customers who do not have the grid and in other cases, it can also be for customers who want to retain the grid as a backup but don’t want to rely on the grid for their daily electricity consumption (including users in towns and cities).

In most cases, an Off Grid power system will include a Battery, a Solar Panel array, and an Inverter. The shift to Living Off Grid can be made whether you have just started considering changing to clean energy or if you already have an existing solar PV. With a Solar Off Grid power system from Commercial Energy Solutions you can be sure you have the highest quality components offering the best performance and life for your investment.

Over the years Commercial Energy Solutions have designed and installed thousands of Solar PV systems – all of which were battery ready. Each solar system is unique and should be tailored to your needs and geographic location, there is no such thing as a ‘One Size Fits All’ application. Each system can be customised to reflect your energy consumption. Contact us  for an easy-to-use quote form to receive an obligation-free system estimate.

Smart Power


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Residential Solar Systems

Commercial Energy Solutions’ Off-Grid Solar systems can be fitted to a home that already has a solar array installed or be fitted to a new site with an appropriate sized solar system. These are typically state-of-the-art solar power systems for typical Australian households (up to 7.5 kWh per day).   During the day, the generated solar electricity directly powers 240V devices. At night, the battery takes over and supplies the power to the home.

Commercial Solar Systems

We use the same state-of-the-art components as for our residential systems, and even better batteries. The systems are modular and can grow with your energy needs (up to 300kW). A newly purchased solar system – when installed by accredited technicians (like us) – may be eligible for Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The current, combined value of those STCs is often enough to pay for the professional installation.

Advantages of
Going Off-Grid :

  • You become completely independent from external energy supplies.
  • You can expand or change your system on a modular basis at any time.
  • You can rely on our support, from planning to installing and maintaining the system.

Key Benefits of Solar Rental

An operating lease or rental is appropriate when you want:

  • A tax deductible solution;
  • To use Operating Expense rather than Capital Expense – off balance sheet;
  • To avoid productivity issues relating to old technology;
  • To smooth cash flow with set payments over the term;
  • Pay as you use – not an up-front expense;
  • Operational flexibility;
  • To incorporate servicing costs;
  • 100% funding;
  • Free up capital that should be used for projects to grow your business;
  • Simple accounting recording/expense item on the Profit and Loss statement;
  • No fees;
  • Access to a non-traditional funding channel.


Off Grid Solar Power systems require special expertise. Since you’ll be relying entirely on the sun for your electricity, it’s crucial to have an experienced, trustworthy and dependable system designer and installer. Commercial Energy Solutions have been installing off grid systems for over 30 years.

Commercial Energy Solutions designs and installs the highest quality off-grid solar systems, representing the latest in technology, and provide seamless integration of solar power systems, batteries, and invertors.

Every off grid solar power system is individually designed for your building and your electricity consumption. To get started, contact Commercial Energy Solutions for expert technical advice, and let us work with you on your tailored solar system design today.

We also offer FinRent finance for our Solar Off Grid systems. We offer financing over flexible terms from 2 to 5 years, depending on your specific needs.