Low Energy Lighting

Commercial Energy Solutions offers state of the art energy efficient commercial lighting solutions at competitive prices.

Low energy lighting is about reducing the wattage used in a light fitting while maintaining a similar light output. By using energy efficient lighting you can generate huge savings on your electricity bills, and contribute towards building a better environment.

Low energy lighting alternatives such as LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) cost more to purchase, however the investment is outweighed by the fact that they use only 10-20% of the electricity consumed by a standard incandescent light globe. This produces significant savings for your business.

Simple Savings


How Can We Help ?

Commercial Energy Solutions can help reduce the lighting energy costs of your business by up to 80%. We offer great looking products that suit your business needs and dramatically reduce maintenance requirements.

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme  is an energy efficiency scheme which commenced 1 January 2015. Under REES, most energy retailers in South Australia will be required to provide incentives for South Australian households and businesses to achieve energy savings to potentially lower their energy bills. Commercial Energy Solutions is an Authorised Supplier under the REES programme.

We have partnered with the leading Australian suppliers of energy efficient lighting for the commercial market. Tailored to meet your requirements, our services include supplying high quality lighting, onsite energy audits and lighting design through to fully managed installations by our experienced, licensed electricians.

Our supplier of LED lighting is a proudly Australian business with many years’ experience in energy efficient technologies and lighting, and a reputation for quality and high performance products. With a strong pedigree in product development and compliance and a deep knowledge of manufacturing, they ensure all products are designed to the highest possible quality, are robustly tested and meet all possible compliance, performance and safety standards.


If you are looking for a quality long lasting lighting solution then Commercial Energy Solutions’ Low Energy Lighting solutions are ideal for you.

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