Level 3 - detailed audit for maximum savings.

For all levels of a Business Energy Audit, Commercial Energy Solutions aims to deliver cost savings which are sustained in the long term with a relatively short term return on investment.

Level 3 Energy Audit

  • Level 3 Energy Audits comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598:2000.
  • We perform a detailed inspection of each building to reveal all energy waste.
  • Every appliance that uses energy is checked for energy efficiency.
  • Calibrated energy loggers are used to drill down and understand actual energy usage patterns.
  • Perform onsite maximum demand measurements, graphing and analysis of the results.
  • Provide a detailed report with recommendations listing all energy saving initiatives required to reduce energy wastage and improve energy efficiency.
  • Provide direction on expected energy savings and more accurate costs to achieve savings.
  • For each proposed energy initiative we supply a compilation of lifecycle costing and payback period analysis for financial assessment.


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