Level 2 - Typical audit with recommendations.

For all levels of a Business Energy Audit, Commercial Energy Solutions aims to deliver cost savings which are sustained in the long term with a relatively short term return on investment.

Level 2 Energy Audit

  • Our Level 2 Energy Audit methodology complies strictly with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598:2000.
  • A detailed site inspection is performed to identify energy wastage.
  • Major appliances and electrical equipment that use energy are checked for energy efficiency.
  • Calibrated power logging equipment is used to assist in understanding energy usage patterns.
  • We will pinpoint energy waste and create a list for discussion and subsequent incorporation into an action plan for tackling energy efficiency.
  • Our Level 2 Energy audit reports include energy saving solution recommendations that are succinctly outlined, describing how to reduce energy wastage and improve energy efficiency.
  • We will advise on expected energy savings and estimated costs to achieve the described energy saving initiatives.


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