What Is An Energy Audit ?

An Energy Audit is an essential component of an organisation’s focus to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. To be most effective a commercial energy audit should be carried out as part of a comprehensive energy management programme.

Business Energy Audits examine an organisation’s past and current energy use with the aim of identifying and quantifying areas of energy wastage within the organisation’s activities. The objective of an energy efficiency assessment is to build a greater understanding of how energy is used within a company and to identify ways to reduce costs through the more efficient use of energy.

Commercial Energy Solutions carries out Energy Audits in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3598:2000. According to this standard Business Energy Audits can be performed at 3 levels of complexity, depending on your needs.

A business energy assessment will help you identify which actions will be the most effective in reducing energy usage, saving you money and improving business efficiency.

  • Calculate your environmental impact and better understand your business energy use.
  • Get expert suggestions for improvement.
  • Make changes where they will have the biggest impact.
  • Identify no and low cost things you can do now.

Audit Levels Available

Level 1 Energy Audit – An overview of energy use and comparison with accepted benchmarks, may require a site visit.

Level 2 Energy Audit – A general on site investigation required producing approximate assessment of costs and savings identified through some measurement and energy monitoring.

Level 3 Energy Audit – A detailed on site investigation required producing accurate assessment of costs and savings identified through extensive measuring and energy monitoring. It can be site or process specific and may involve energy simulation modelling.

For all levels of a Business Energy Audit, Commercial Energy Solutions aims to deliver cost savings which are sustained in the long term with a relatively short term return on investment

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Why Have A Business Energy Audit Performed ?

To reduce your operation expenses and increase your profit

In the past many companies have just considered utilities as ‘a cost of doing business’. By running an inefficient building, you are overpaying your utility for energy. It doesn’t make business sense.

To Determine Which Are the Best Building Energy Efficiency Measures 

There are many options for improving energy efficiency. Our expert team will be able to give you a comprehensive idea of which options will be best for your company.

What’s included in our Business Energy Audits?

Our business energy audits are conducted by a qualified Engineer who will:

  • Provide unbiased advice;
  • Analyse your energy consumption through past and current energy usage;
  • Measure energy consumption using portable energy loggers;
  • Identify where energy is being wasted for your specific building;
  • Recommend energy efficient solutions that will reduce your energy costs and greenhouse gas omissions;
  • Give you a comprehensive list of energy saving projects for your consideration.

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