Client: Jane's Curtains
System: 10 KW Grid Connected Solar PV System
Solar Panels: 20 x 250w Polycrystalline
Installer: Commercial Energy Solutions (commercial division of Cool or Cosy)
Location: Salisbury, SA
Completion Date: 13th October 2015

Project Description

Janes Curtains is a family owned Curtain Manufacturer based in Salisbury, SA. Concerned about rising electricity costs, Janes Curtains installed a 10 kW solar PV system on their north west facing roof. With no shading issues, the panels can perform well all year round.

Commercial Energy Solutions installed an ABB inverter for this three phase site, inside the building negating the need for external cages.

Factors that helped make their decision easier was Commercial Energy Solutions dedication to the South Australian public, our long standing 30 year history and trusted reputation and our commitment to warranty and quality, particularly that we have our own in-house installation crews and technical designers.