Client: Electrolux
System: 363 kW Grid Connected Solar PV System
Solar Panels: 1,320 x 275 W Tindo Solar Karra Panels
Installer: Commercial Energy Solutions (Cool or Cosy Commercial Division)
Location: Dudley Park - South Australia
Completion Date: December 2017

Project Description

Following a competitive tender process, we were awarded the contract to install a 363kW system for Electrolux Home Products in Adelaide.  With tight timeframes, the installation was commenced on the 8thof November 2017.

Factors that helped make their decision easier was Commercial Energy Solutions dedication to the South Australian public, our long standing 30 year history and trusted reputation and our commitment to warranty and quality, particularly that we have our own in-house installation crews and technical designers.

With Electrolux running their own high quality robotic manufacturing plant, they recognised the synergy between their operation and our own and, following a facility tour, this was a key factor in their decision to award us the contract.

The system installation was completed within 28 days and six SMA inverters were included with the solar system.

Electrolux solar install
Electrolux solar